Friday, 14 February 2014

Six style Commandments by KvD

Kat van Duinen is the founder of the this Cape Town based label that designs immaculately tailored pieces such a dresses, blouses and some of the most exquisite hand bags ever seen, and each Kat van Duinen piece embodies one simple rule-keep it simple. In this month's Glamour February issue Kat van Duinen shares key tips on pulling off minimalism style.

Kat van Duinen first key point describes the balancing of colours for example when daring to go bold always pair your outfit with a neutral colour and when wearing bright prints in a form of a dress or a top try balancing the palette with a  more toned down coloured accessory such as your shoes or handbag.
Secondly Ms Duinen shares with Glamour that one should consider proportions, for example if you are wearing something such as a blouse that has volume either on the sleeves or perhaps it has  a pussy bow, than make sure you pair it with a pencil skirt or sleek straight cut trousers. Then thirdly  van  Duinen shares with Glamour that one should opt for a somewhat light and breathable fabrics that flow, she makes an example of fabrics such as silk, cotton or linen. Furthermore remembering that less is more, when baring your cleavage make sure your bottom half is covered up and when showing off your pins, make sure your chest is covered .

Then minimalism rule number five is to invest in basics van Duinen goes on to share with Glamour some the key pieces that every lady should invest in such as a basic white top, navy blazer, scarves and a leather bag. Lastly the most crucial rule when opting for the minimalism look is to pay attention to detail, making sure that your nails are on point, make sure your hair is styled accordingly and a gorgeous bag is key!

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