Sunday, 23 October 2011

Is the fashion world really ready for Plus Size models?

I finally picked the upcoming issue of the November Elle and lets just say for me Elle magazine never disappoints, unlike another certain popular overrated magazine that shall not be named. Elle always shows you how to can rock the latest trends but without forgetting the basics and keeping an outfit chic and simple.

The main topic of this months issue is plus size! And it includes tips like how one can become a plus size model and includes articles that ask various people in the fashion industry about their opinion on the topic and ya so it goes on... and on... and on...

 The industry may be a buzz about the whole plus size model topic from time to time however fact remains plus size models will never be fully embraced for example please look at the highest paid and most powerful supermodels in the world such as Giselle Bunchen, Adrianna Lima, Noami Crawford and Candice Swanepoel. Without me having to display a picture along with the name, one knows exactly whom I am talking. However...

Crytal Renn 

This model I bet that most of you do not have a clue who she is but Ms Renn has been in the game for a over 10 years and has been some of the top designers muse such as Karl Lagerfield, however barely can put a face to the name.

Whitney Thompson

The winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 was the first plus size model to win the title however,where is she now?

Tara Lynn
This young beautiful lady has been in the game for some time now and I often see her in a few fashion magazines here and there but hardly any fashion shows-like most plus size models.

Now they they say that a models careers often lasts for about five years and some even more but that's often rare, for a plus size models career even last for a full season? I think not, the world is not and will never be ready for plus size models. Never.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

MilkshakeCity101: GQ's Best Dressed

MilkshakeCity101: GQ's Best Dressed: So in South Africa just recently GQ hosted the best man style Awards,and all I can say is that the men in South Africa have an impacable ta...

GQ's Best Dressed

So in South Africa just recently GQ hosted the best man style Awards,and all I can say is that the men in  South Africa have an impacable taste in style. Tell me ladies which girl could ever resist a man in a well tailored, debonair suite?

GQ Men Best dressed Top 10

So the best dressed man of 2011 was...

 Osar Pistorius

The second runner up was that hot youg Edgars Model Masego Maps Maponyana... Kid is mad hot!

Masego Maponya

I really thought that the winner should have been Yaaseen Cader hands down please just take a look at this jem.

Yasseen Cader

Then they were some people whom I think dressed just okay like Loyiso Gola? Seriously? Ok so the suits that he wears on his Late Nights Show are "aight" but common seriosly???

Loyiso Gola

So overall the top GQ men style awards were not bad at all the list included AKA "His beast, his a problem thoough...", Ziyon from LiquidDeep and alot of unknowns like Jamey Lipshitz? Mncedisi Mayekiso? Tevor Madondo and Jamal Nxedlana?

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Neighbourhood Market

So this Saturday I happened to go to the Neighbourhood market in Braamfontein, in Juta street just opposite Seventy Juta.

Can you believe it I stumbled upon a beautiful jem of a stall, which sold second hand vintage shoes, accessories, dresses and high waisted skirts. So I'm sure you asking what did I get? The answer... Nothing. All the clothing came in sample sizes, which was so heart breaking as the stall sold one of a kind pieces at reasonable prices, but they had no dresses or skirts that went beyond a size 8.

I would have at least thought that they would have went as far as a size 14 at least, I mean hello this is Africa! Cause people if you were to look around the streets of Jozi most African women here are quite thick and the average jean size being between as size 10 and14.

I'm just saying au chic beautiful vintage stores out there. Accommodate.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Most Overated Women on The Red Carpet

So earlier this week I showed my top five style icons, now I thougt to myself how fun would it be if I also showcased the most overated supposed stylish women in hollywood.

I mean really the following celebrities that I am about to show are madly hyped over for jack.It's either the outfits that they wear are too thought out or they just wear the same dress but in just a different colour. Though I have said it before that the best formula for any outfit is one that is the most flattering and works perfectly with one's body but come on it does'nt hurt to add variation.

Any who here are the following people who I can't help roll my eyes everytime I see them in the best dressed catergory whether it be style shows or fashion magazines.

1.Beyonce Knowles
The mommy to be is hands down one of the most beautiful women in the world as well as the best female performer, however gosh her fashion sense bores me to bits. So yes Beyonce may be classified as being curvy but come on it's does'nt mean every outfit that she wears on the red carpet has to be metallic sequece or a figure hugging dress,enough already!

2.Taylor Swift
This almost 1.8m bold beauty is only 22 but she just beat Beyonce on the Forbes highest paid females list-you see money can't by you style.I lie this girl casually dresses quite chic. But come on if Joan Rivers can't even stand you, you know there is a problem.

3.Jennifer Aniston

Gosh this woman is a bore just like most of here movies which include The Bouty Hunter, Management and The Good Girl. I'm sure you'll are asking what is this chick on about any way back to the subject not only are here dresses monoganoues but the hair...she actually has a personal hair stylist who she pays every time she walks the carpet. S.M.H American's have money to play with.

4.Kim Kardashian
Please tell me if I'm wrong, the formulae to Kim Kardshain's red carpet outfits are either cleavage or figure hugging dresses or both. She is beautiful that's all I can say on this one.

5.Lady Gaga

I ignostly think Lady Gaga is the most overated celebrity, I understand that she's an artist and all but I feel that she does not have know exactly what she stands for. For example when she was on the Oprah Winfrey show, Oprah was asking her about her choice of outfits and Lady Gaga went on saying that her outfits usually are a stand for something, one dress that was asked about was a the green frog dress(this was before she wore the infamous meat dress) and she answered that she wanted people to be aware of animal rights. What?! And then a couple of months later she is wearing this...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Style Icons

I shall not lie it is only of recent that I acquired this fashion calling of mine and with that, they have been five women that have guided and still assist in the type of look that I think works best for me which can be described, when dressed casually laid back, flattering, romantic, neutral and of late I wear alot of black.

I am obsessed with black, such as black jeans, jeggings, tops, nail polish, 1B yaki and weave(it really brings out my complextion). I also discovered black is very forgiving to weight gain, cause I have gained a total of 5Kg people just assume I've gained 2K's.

Any who enough about me, here are my Top Five fashion icons.

1.Lauren Conrad
I love Lauren Conrad's style, she always looks so effortless yet chic and every single outfit that I saw her in the hills "That stupid show". LC is always looks so well put together, and what I like most about her outfits almost all of them can be worn by all different shape and sizes. Love it.


Caution! Do imitate at your own risk. For me Miss Riri is a tad over rated. I mean just look at the girl in front of you in the taxi who's "rockin" the ever so famous Rihanna razor haircut(by the way it was Kelis who was the very first person who came with that ever so now infamous haircut)enough bout hair, Rihanna has that type of style that keeps us guessing and you never have a clue what she'll wear next.

3.Khloe Kardshain

Screw Kim Kardashian, Khloe is where it's at. I do not mean to compare but I'll do it any way Kim Kardashian's style is too though out, don't get me wrong it does work for most people but gosh whenever I watch Keeping up with the Kardshians, Khloe Kardashian just kills it for me.

4. Nicole Richie

I love this ladies style, I don't know but ever since she stopped being friends with Paris Hilton, Ms Richie looks to pretty. I just love her Boho, laid black, Jackie O inspired look she has going on.
P.S can some tell me where I can get those sunglasses.

5.Zoe Kravitz

I have a confession, I'm not lesbian but I have a mad crush on this girl. I just love how she's oh so hippy, chilled, vintage and she's in so cool somewhat grungy looking but it's mainly influenced by here ou so cool ouers.

So guys there you have it, my top five fabolous stylish mentors, I'm sure one gets an idea of what type of fashion this blog will showcase it future.

Till next time...


Welcome to Milkshake City

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Unfortunately it is not something that every girl possesses, however it can be acquired and this blog will showcase various ways on how one can have an amazing outfit no matter what size or shape that a person may have.

Week to week I will be showcasing different looks and topics that have to do with fashion especially what I see in the streets of Jozi.