Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Style Icons

I shall not lie it is only of recent that I acquired this fashion calling of mine and with that, they have been five women that have guided and still assist in the type of look that I think works best for me which can be described, when dressed casually laid back, flattering, romantic, neutral and of late I wear alot of black.

I am obsessed with black, such as black jeans, jeggings, tops, nail polish, 1B yaki and weave(it really brings out my complextion). I also discovered black is very forgiving to weight gain, cause I have gained a total of 5Kg people just assume I've gained 2K's.

Any who enough about me, here are my Top Five fashion icons.

1.Lauren Conrad
I love Lauren Conrad's style, she always looks so effortless yet chic and every single outfit that I saw her in the hills "That stupid show". LC is always looks so well put together, and what I like most about her outfits almost all of them can be worn by all different shape and sizes. Love it.


Caution! Do imitate at your own risk. For me Miss Riri is a tad over rated. I mean just look at the girl in front of you in the taxi who's "rockin" the ever so famous Rihanna razor haircut(by the way it was Kelis who was the very first person who came with that ever so now infamous haircut)enough bout hair, Rihanna has that type of style that keeps us guessing and you never have a clue what she'll wear next.

3.Khloe Kardshain

Screw Kim Kardashian, Khloe is where it's at. I do not mean to compare but I'll do it any way Kim Kardashian's style is too though out, don't get me wrong it does work for most people but gosh whenever I watch Keeping up with the Kardshians, Khloe Kardashian just kills it for me.

4. Nicole Richie

I love this ladies style, I don't know but ever since she stopped being friends with Paris Hilton, Ms Richie looks to pretty. I just love her Boho, laid black, Jackie O inspired look she has going on.
P.S can some tell me where I can get those sunglasses.

5.Zoe Kravitz

I have a confession, I'm not lesbian but I have a mad crush on this girl. I just love how she's oh so hippy, chilled, vintage and she's in so cool somewhat grungy looking but it's mainly influenced by here ou so cool ouers.

So guys there you have it, my top five fabolous stylish mentors, I'm sure one gets an idea of what type of fashion this blog will showcase it future.

Till next time...

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