Monday, 10 October 2011

The Neighbourhood Market

So this Saturday I happened to go to the Neighbourhood market in Braamfontein, in Juta street just opposite Seventy Juta.

Can you believe it I stumbled upon a beautiful jem of a stall, which sold second hand vintage shoes, accessories, dresses and high waisted skirts. So I'm sure you asking what did I get? The answer... Nothing. All the clothing came in sample sizes, which was so heart breaking as the stall sold one of a kind pieces at reasonable prices, but they had no dresses or skirts that went beyond a size 8.

I would have at least thought that they would have went as far as a size 14 at least, I mean hello this is Africa! Cause people if you were to look around the streets of Jozi most African women here are quite thick and the average jean size being between as size 10 and14.

I'm just saying au chic beautiful vintage stores out there. Accommodate.

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