Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Dream Man

I just recently saw rapper Commons new music video Blue Sky and yes though his music never disappoints his sense of style is always on point, OMW Common kills it every time.

Common-Blue Sky
I just thought it would be only right for me to share my list of my dream guy and what I hope will come close "the Common" one day. So here are my requirements, I don't think they too much? Are they?
  1.  Tall(min 1.78m)
  2.  Broad
  3. Dark in complexion preferably.
  4. Wears sneakers and never trainers casually
  5. Never wears track pants other then in the gym.
  6. Jeans not too baggy or too tight(skinnines are an exception regarded that they are not too tight)
  7. He own his look.
  8. Smells awesome.
  9. Clean but can be scruffy.
  10. Hair can either be shaved, dreads or natural Afro but hell no to chemical treated hair.


Kanye West


Moleke Mbembe

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